12 Days of
Sharing the festive cheer

£10 on your Membership card

Welcome to the 1st day of our 12 Days Of Togetherness!

What a year!

The way you and your colleagues have sustained your energy and continued to be a vital lifeline for each other and your customers, members and communities has been nothing short of amazing.

We might not be able to celebrate in the way we normally would this festive season, but we want to do everything we can to lift spirits and bring people together in new ways through shared experiences. 

Today we want to start by saying Thank You!

This week we're putting £10 onto each of your Co-op Colleague Membership Cards for you to spend in store. You'll see this Thank you appear on your cards from tomorrow!  Co-op gift cards will be sent to colleagues who aren't colleague members.

FAQs can be found here. Find your local store here.

Look out for an exclusive X% off on Co-op own brand on 18 December (sorry, we're not revealing the amount just yet but it's bigger than ever before)!