12 Days of
Sharing the festive cheer

Give a gift to a friend

Welcome to the 3rd day of our 12 Days Of Togetherness!

Saying Thank You….

We would love you to take some time today to say thank you and Give A Gift to a friend!

2020 has been an ‘unprecedented’ year, it’s been tough for us all, but one of the great things we’ve seen this year is how you've helped and supported each other. We may be apart, but in some ways we have never felt closer.

Think of someone, it could be anyone, who's made a difference, supported or helped you in 2020. We’ve added a voucher to your Co-op Colleague membership card* so that you can claim a gift to give to this person as a thank you! You can get one of these gifts completely free from our stores with the voucher;

1. Celebrations Tub 650G
2. Quality Street Assorted Chocolate Toffee and Cremes Tub 650G

To access your voucher please use your Co-op app or visit the Member Offers website here.

*Franchise colleagues please contact your operations support manager for information on how to access your gift.

FAQs can be found here. Find your local store here.