12 Days of
Sharing the festive cheer

All Wrapped Up!!

You’ve made Our 12 Days of Togetherness a massive success and how you've joined in has been overwhelming, so we want to say thank you to each and every one of you!

Thank you for...

  • … the way you’ve joined in with Our 12 Days of Togetherness, 
  • … saying thank you to more colleagues than ever before, 
  • … being really generous with your giving to your communities, to customers and to each other,
  • … the crafting and baking and elfing and quizzing and how you’ve shared all of this!
  • … buying more Coop own brand products in one day than ever before and all of your colleagues in store,  and to the supply chain, logisitics and IT teams who made it possible
  • … doing all this in the Co-op Way,
  • … helping show what being One Co-op really means 
  • … and so much more 

We know that we can have 365 Days of Togetherness and with new restrictions across the UK, we need to look after our wellbeing and each other now, more than ever. 

In January we’ll start the next phase of this campaign, which will focus on wellbeing. 

From all of us in the 12 Days of Togetherness team, take care of yourself and your loved ones over the festive period, we can’t wait to share what’s coming next!

**Please give us your feedback here.**


new colleague members


e-cards sent (and more printed!)


colleagues shopping on double discount day - highest ever number


visitors to the calendar


calendar page views


chocolate tubs claimed and gifted

Here's a reminder of what we've shared together;

  • Day 1 £10 on membership card
  • Day 2 Letter to a friend – still available to send until 2nd Jan
  • Day 3 Give a gift
  • Day 4 Crafting day
  • Day 5 5 gold rings
  • Day 6 50% discount
  • Day 7 Thank you video
  • Day 8 Biscuit bake off – competition closes on 27th December
  • Day 9 Elfie day – competition closes on 28th December
  • Day 10 Big night out inside
  • Day 11 Free Hot Drink, Biscuits
  • Day 12 £40 on membership card